The ladder

Don’t follow up someone else’s ladder of life. Life is meant to be enjoyed and experienced for yourself. Experiment with what you can discover in life. What do you need to do to move up the ladder, is everyone in your life helping you to achieve your dreams. The ladder is a scale it is a tool, to create desired results. We are all standing on a rung on the ladder are you moving up or down the ladder of life. I have a little saying only make decision that bring me closer to my goals. What have you done today that is a positive move up your ladder of life. Have you made a positive move towards your goals or have you retracted in life. Yesterday I spoke to a lady that had reached out to get some information on the Home Business and when it come down to it she was not prepared to step out of her own cocoon. Act as if you could not fail take on life with positive thoughts continue to take action followed by more action. Develop your mind believe that you can’t fail, choose to success. Have a thing about this you cant think of a negative and a positive at the same time so you might as well think positive. Believe that you can create, don’t accept reality. Moving forward on the ladder creates space for others on the ladder. Take control of your life follow through with your responsibilities.

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