Taking Responsibility for your own life

Responsibility of life is yours

The challenges of life are up to you to discover, you need to discover the magic of life.

Don’t be satisfied with what you have this life is up to you, you need to discover the secret to life.

You need to conscious of what is around you for a super conscious join together to create a  super level of conscious.

Thing is that you are looking for the power of working together imagine if you could put 5 brains together they would for a super computer, SUPER CONSCIOUS.

Its the game of life create ability get in sink with your create ability, be entrained to your level of ability.

Centre of ability be on purpose success habits, success mind set raise your ability.

Set the entention express, break through barriers.

Rediscover the higher self the magic of life.

Always be open to another point of view, discover more about your self.

See yourself at the course of everything in your life open yourself up to create the things in your life don’t believe that you are a victim in your life.

We are at course at our life’s even tho we don’t know how we have coursed it.

You will get to the goal a lot quicker if you look after yourself raise your vitality.

The universe does not give any energy that your not going to use, you have to raise the vitality to be able to race up that hill (raise the bar).


Raise your vitality level so all the obstacles are easy to over come, the only way to get something done is to have fun, if its not fun it shan’t be done, (make work fun).

Change your life on the believe of someone else imagine that take someone else’s believe and run with it use that believe and run with it.

Don’t let the current of the tide take you out, work with the tide and ride it in.

It takes less effort to become successful, go with the currents navigate the currents.

Currents are our belief systems stay with the current stay with the flow.

We are the products of our beliefs take control of our life, take control of our beliefs.

Climb that ladder of life.

Remember to turn your listing ears on.


Day 17 wins

1: Blogged

2:  Exercised Walked 1/2 hour


Grateful: I’m grateful that I can take responsibility for the flow in my life.








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