Taking Aim

Today thinking back to 2 months ago.

I started a Taking Aim Project, as we do go all guns blazing and then sometimes we find the smallest hurdle we seem to fall over and just don’t get back up on that horse straight away.

I started found a small challange and the decide to resoulve this problem. I asked the question and sort out the solutions and then once I had found the solutions I just forgot to get back on the horse.
Today I am taking on my next challange in the next thirty days to have my taking Aim Project up and running.
Some days we need to challage ourselves to do something.

What in your life do you want to achieve, make that decision today and give yourself 2 months to achive that project.Have you always want to get fit join a gym, write a book, Become a Painter take up art classes, Learn a language, what ever your taking Aim Project is do it for yourself take on that challange.

Day 16 Wins
1: Blogger
2: exercised Walked 1/2 hour

Greatful: Today I’m greatful that I can set these challanges in my life, its a great feeling at the end when you ave achived.

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