Finding the Right Vehicle

As we travel this road of life its a matter of find the right Vehicle in life to take us to our destination.

The only way that your not going to get to where you want to go is by taking your eye off the GOAL.

You need to decide what your goal is, and how you are going to get there, once you have decide that STICK to IT like Glue.

Once you have decide what you want out of life opportunities will open up to you.

Just a short story my husband and myself had bought our first home we knew that its would not be our last. Why you may ask well it was only a vehicle at the time to get us to our next destination.

We would often look at the new display villages we had decide on our next house years before we would get there. We like 2 house from the same company and years later we found a block of land on the road that we want to live on. The choice of the 2 house only 1 would be able to be build on that block, which I so glad of because the other house would just not of suited the block. We never took our eye of the goal we just had to find the right vechile to get us to our next destination.




Day 15 Wins

1: Blogged

2 Exercised

Greatful: Today I’m greatful that I can share this journey that I am on with┬ámany others and show then the vehicle that I have found to fulfill my Goals.



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