Word tracks

Word Tracks

Listing to different word tracks everyday they eventually stick in your mind.

Over the past few months reading and listing to different things

It’s up to us

Only accept what you want

Don’t bounce around

Anything is possible

Take control

Author of your own story

In the process of a whole new story

A journey of self-discovery

Look at your life create your own journey

In life liability or asserts

Create new gaols create new concepts

Think what you want to create how you are going to create it

What level can I be at course

New Skills

Raise confidence

More passionate

Be proud of what we have done

Higher level of prospective

The centre of your own universe

More than 1 centre

See the greater context

Great the biggest possible wins

Amazing wins are possible

The great good

Recognise the greater good

These are just a few that come to mind will add more at a later date.

Just think about the way you present yourself to the world and believe in yourself to be able to achieve.


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