Going that extra mile (striving for more)

A few weeks ago now I listened to one of our training calls & it really hit home. About striving for more.

I went walking that afternoon, I did not do the normal track.

In my wisdom I decided to take the high road home, (via the track of the national park that runs around our estate). I had not done this track for many years and not from this direction. It was in the afternoon, so it was very hot.

 As I reached the first hill I was extremly glad that i had conquered it. Little did I know that when I looked up I saw that it was the small hill. The track in some parts was covered with gravel and leaves, both areas were slippery. I was half way up the next hill and could of given up or I could of cut through a property and then it would be a down hill run from there on.

Well I did not because that is not what life is all about.

It is about striving for more, being the best you can.

Setting your goals and going for it.

As I went on over the next hill and then a few more I felt that I had achieved because I had not given up.

Life is here for the taking, you have to just go out there and set your goals and go for it. At the end of the walk I felt proud of myself because I was not a quitter.

Since that day I have done those hills again & again they were not as hard even though I did sit down for a moment at the top of the largest hill to take in the scenery.

The hills were just not as high the next time around, because I already knew that I had achieved them before.

Every time you do something it gets that little bit easier to do the next time. So just got out there and try.

My father said to me a few weeks ago when I was talking to him on skype and asking him about his bruised face. He said that he was going for a point in tennis, slipped over went down on his face blood dripping everywhere. He said  you have just go out there and live life, he went on to tell me that he won the point but lost the match, the point was he won the point. All this from a man that is out there living life at 84.

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