Do or do not there is no try

Let me paint you a picture, not a morning person, tired because man away, yes been married for 20 years and he is away for a week the longest we have been apart, 5.30am and hubby normally wakes me.

Got up to go for a walk at 5.30 in the morning well actually have been bouncing out of bed to go for a walk on a personal mission to lose wait (just don’t know why we don’t even realise that we put it on) any way as I said was tired missing hubby 5.30 morning and cold.

Had just turned around the half way point of my walk and it started to rain. I had no choice to walk home, I could of put my head down and try not to get too wet.

Well the night before in my Personal Development book YODA said from Star Wars saga (Do or do Not There is no try) you just have to  accept where in life you are. At that present moment I was walking in the rain I could of as I said before just put my head down, or instead make a decision to accept.

As i decided to accept and looked up this is what i encounted, there was a fantastic eerie look of mist hovering over a few houses nestled below the hill. There was a mist over the lake waiting to come alive with the break of day not far away. The rain was now hitting my face instead of getting wet i felt itwas a hot summers day when I was splashing water over my face to wake up, the birds were cherping, the trees were showing me that they were hurting from years of drought, you just have to smell the roses some days other wise life is going to pass you by. I just would not of seen these things if I had put my head down.

(Do or do Not There is no try)

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