Throwing your hat in the ring


Throwing your hat in the ring

Why we don’t step up to the plate.

After being at our training conference today I had time to myself driving home.
As the thoughts of the day run throw my head I realised over the course of the day that I’ve just been too hard on myself.

I have been doubting myself for so long and not stepping up to the plate. Have you ever heard of “Make sure that you get what you come for” (thanks Kirsty). I got that in the first five minutes of the afternoon, are you taking this serious. The big answer is big fat NO.

The reason why that I have been doubting my ability and I think that over time we don’t step up to the plate straight away when we certainly have had the opportunity. Then because we have not stepping up to the plate we start to retract into ourselves and just cant find away out. I as I stand here today I encourage everyone to stand up and be noticed as Lise said the other day on a call day “be loud and proud”. Thanks to our personal development program we just have to depart from where we are make a decision and then take action.
Some of the things that we have to remember everyday.

Be serious about what you want and go for it
Every day stand up and be counted and decide what are 2 steps today you are going to take
Follow through on very thing that you do and don’t do it hart hearted
Change your thoughts on what is possible believe that everything is possible.
Make a decision and back it up with action
It’s not what happens it’s what your do about it.
Be the CEO of your own company everyday without fail
Belief in yourself don’t doubt yourself
They can do it I CAN DO IT
Be do have
Make bigger decisions
Have to be the leader you have to become the leader
I am the person I could be
We all can go from O to hero as Sir Richard Branson says “Screw it just do it”.

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Inspiration only takes one moment we just have to be open to be inspired.

Taking in what you are leaning

Somedays we can hear what we are being taught, but if we don’t have our listing ears on it just won’t sink in (thanks to KM son have your got your listing ears on mummy)

My thoughts on how to take things in.

Turn everything else off when you are listening
Take notes
If it is a recording stop and start it as many time that you have to to hear what the person said
Live take quick notes and the go back and go over the recording, I bet you get something different out of it the second time
Write a blog about what you have heard it will sink into your mind a lot more
Take action on what you have learnt
Set goals on the new things that have triggered inspiration in you

It only takes a brief moment for inspiration

I have often thought to myself no I wont go for that walk this morning

I don’t want to go for a walk this morning i’ll have a day off
Its much nicer in here in bed
Too cold out there
Im too tired
I will be late for work if I go for a walk
You probably be late even if you don’t go for a walk
I will go for a walk when I come home
Tomorrow is another day I will go for a bigger walk tomorrow
No one is expecting me to walk with them
I have use those excuse and so many more then biggest thing is that we have to have that goal what ever it is, other wise we can not create that inspiration to do something.

As silly as it sounds I wanted to draw with felt pens and colouring pens (doodling art) (Abstract Art) and today I bought myself a sketch book and started my abstract art, It only too one moment to get inspired to buy a sketch book to do my drawings in. But this has taken my some time to get motivated to start back my hobby. I had made some many excuse to take time out for myself. One moment in a meeting (thanks to PO said she once had a conversation with Jim Rohn) you have to work harder on yourself than you business. I can remember this as she said it yesterday even tho it was about 3 – 4 years ago.

Inspiration only takes one moment we just have to be open to be inspired.IMG_1612

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Been so much different if I did not procrastinate

I started thinking back over my life in the last 10 years or so and things could of been so much different if I did not procrastinate. Thing is you just have to think about things that could of been so much different if you just made a decision sooner (not forgetting about the lesson that I now have learnt because I did not)

To cut a long story short last week on a training call I realised that I am a procrastinator.

Glad that I did not procrastinate and got up to walk that morning.

The day after my wake up call I did not hesitate to get out of bed to go for a walk and I’m so glad that I did.

I’ll share with you just a few things from my 1/2 hour walk.

As I set off for my walk at 6am in the morning I did not take so much notice that it was a very foggy morning as I was turning the corner it was very eerie that the fog was nestled down the valley over the hills.

My walk takes me down the road up a incline down a hill and then up another incline. As I was travelling along the road there was a very crisp clean feel about the air around me.

Normally on my walk I would see a few horses, ducks, maybe a kangaroo or two, and also a miniature horse.

On this morning I felt that I had walked back into yesterday era, it was as if the valley had been taken in time.

As I walked back after reaching the end of the road and turning back there was a white horse and its mate a miniature horse standing at the edge of the fence, but I did not see them on the way down, its like the were covered in fog only moments ago.

Then I came across a old cattle loading dock that had taken me back in time, I know that this had been there all the time when I walked but this particular morning it was like the fog had been lifted and I could see the beauty around me.

Up the road as I travelled along I could not see the top of the hill even that it was only metres away, this is when another eerie feeling come over me.

It just (fog) kept on moving along with me and until I reached what I call the summit the fog had lifted only for a moment or two.

There was another eerie feeling coming over me that the fog had taken the hill that I had already travelled down not knowing what was on the other side.

The ducks were not even making a sound it was like they were under instructions to keep the noise down.

Another property they have a couple of fires ready to go for a family gathering, the fires are all stacked up to form a peak, something that not everyone knows how to do these days.

There’s a few horses up the road and one was watching me, and it was like he had come down to say “I’m watching you to see are you ok” or on the other hand was he saying please keep a eye on me.

I know it’s been a long story but the thing is what I did experience that morning I would not experienced if I was still in bed Procrastinating about going for a walk.

Stop procrastinating and enjoy your time on this planet as you have very little time.

To learn more about me check out my story at and see what I do

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Achieving your goals updating your vision board

What is stopping you?

Have you ever just kept on doing the same thing over and over again and just felt like you were not getting there.

And then you realise that you have the been the one stopping yourself achieving all of those goals.

I have not always kept up with up dating my vision board as I am writing this blog and thinking about the goals that I have achieved realising that it is time to up date the board.

The reason that i am doing the same thing over and over again is because there is not enough vision on my board.

We have to believe in the magic to be able to achieve our goals and we have to have goals to put on that vision board to be able to achieve them.

Well you may ask what is on my vision board, New Caravan (ordered) Golf clubs for hubby (bought) trip to Germany to see the wall (tickets booked) OMG is what i say, without this vision board I would not be achieving these goals.

You may think that is not true but I know and believe these things would not be happening with out this vision board.

I can remember the first time that I sat down and even started to dream about the future it was as if I had just woken up for the first time in my life.

I encourage everyone to start a vision board and update it every six to 12 months.

Start your vision board today, just check out a few magazines and you will find pictures that we creat your vision board.

Happy pinning.

Caroline B

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Taking the Next Step

As I have not written in my Blog for over 4 months, I am now taking the next step to get back into writing a Blog on a regular basis.

Sometimes in life we go on a journey and travel down a path and once we just about get to the destination we realise that we have taken a wrong turn.

Taking the next step is to go back and find that fork in the road and start to move down the other road that we did not take.

This can be a big move sometime because we are stepping out of our own comfort zone to do this.

The thing is that if we all stayed in our own comfort zones we would not achieve in life.

Have you taken the wrong path or are you on the right track.

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Travelling Rome

Day 2 in Rome I had booked the Hop on Hop off Bus

The bus does about an hour and half round trip my advice is to do the trip once and then decide where you want to get off and on for the day. You can spend all day looking at the churches and all the buildings and the structure. I spent about ¾ hour on one church looking amazed at the structure there is over 350 churches in Rome alone so don’t bother trying to get around them all.

I went back to the Spanish steps as my photo’s did not turn out the day before must remember to where those glasses to see what you have taken. Then onto the Trevi fountain to take another Photo. The day before were like a few hundred people in the area the next day were like thousands check out the video.

I would say that you could just walk to the attraction in Rome by yourself but its well worth getting a tour.

Lots of Photos taken during the day all will be up in a Rome album after the trip.


Day 3 off to Naples Pompeii and the Sorrento

The day was a rainy day as we departed, as we reached our first break for breakfast the day was starting to clear up. Then onto Naples well that was only a short stop by law for the driver and short 20 walk around Naples not even time to buy water. Then off to Pompeii, a short visit in the cameo factory, a guy was sitting there carving by hand that had been doing it for over 70 years the product was lovely but very dear.

Now off to lunch with the tour 3 courses, all we can say were just hoping that our dinner experience would be better.

Then spent 2 hours going through the Pompeii excavations well worth the look the only thing I would say is to try to book a tour that is only going to speak 1 language sometimes they seem to spend more time on the one that you don’t understand.

Last stop for the day off to Sorrento we were wondering what our hotel would be like and the dinner, as the standard was not the best during the day. We had a local pick us up and stopped for as to take a photo on the way great spot. We enquired with the drive about the hotel and he said that it had not been long build with was music to our ears, we arrive to be treated like kings and queens, our rooms are beautiful. Went down to dinner to get watered on hand and foot three waiters at once we ordered off the menu and were also treated to a banquet of salads and desserts well worth the stay at whatever price.

I met some lovely people on the tour 2 kiwis and a few Australians they made my day (thanks Peter & Mandy friends for life).

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My Trip to Rome

My Trip to Rome

As I am typing this blog I have now been up for nearly 48 hours.

First plan trip 14 and a bit hours and the second 5 and a bit hours I had a stopover in Dubai with lifts that fit over 40 people including prams and wheelchairs, with trains that take you from one terminal to the other. Before I landed in Dubai I realised that I had lost part of my phone that I had gone to the trouble in getting a sim card of to use in Rome now the dilemma of will I buy a new phone or what. Working out the cost of deran dollars or waiting to get to Rome and working out the cost there. I purchased a phone as I arrived in Rome and within 1 hour of arriving had to use it to find my hotel.

As I arrived at the hotel previously find out that it is a public holiday tomorrow and 2 tours booked now what to do. Also had been told about walk about tour departing at the bottom of the Spanish steps. Sorted out tour 1 cancelled and the other 2 changed days. As I done a quick freshen up and attempted to get to the Spanish steps by 5.30pm have arrived at the train station only to have trouble finding which train to catch and been given wrong instructions 3 time. Now on the right direction with only 10 minutes to spare just did not understand a guard just played dumb and he showed me the way. Arrived at the Spanish steps at 5.30 on the dot only to find hundreds of people there and no one know what I was talking about in the free walk about tour. I had forgotten my map and just started walking hoping that I would come across interesting sites. Trevi fountain well done to me as I walked along eating ice cream I just tagged along another tour without them knowing. I was meant to meet up with someone that I had met on the plane because thought that I would be dark by the time I got back to my hotel. O I forgot to tell you the hotel room you cannot swing a cat around and not sure if there is enough room on the floor to put my suit case down. I had felt I would just go stir crazy if I had to stay in that hotel room, lucky that there is plenty to see in Rome and I have a good pair of sandshoes.

As I eventually found a tourist info centre and got a map to find my way back to my hotel wondering the streets feeling quite safe before dark and if you just keep walking when you are on your own and look like you know where you are going will be fine (the funny thing is that very one else is lost also).

I stumbled into a grog shop to buy a night cap and people from the plane trip were in there people we just standing around sampling the wears in the shop. I bought a small bottle of Roman Kahlua he also gave me a plastic cup to use how nice but any way the Kahlua (coffee) has not been total ground down floaties in my drink.

I glad that I did not meet up with the other people at the Spanish steps as it made me find my own way around.

Now off to have some dinner and then to bed 48 hours no sleep in taking its wear on me.

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Never Give up

Never Give Up

As we go up and down on the roller coast of life we have to remember never to give up.

We so many times stop trying to do something because we think it is too hard.

I have been trying to loose weight and some day just feel its tooooooooooooooo hard.

Don’t eat that sweet, choocolate, hot chocolate, ice cream, those chips etc etc I could go on and on.

The thing is that we are all tempted in life and we all give up on our goals much much to easily.

You yes YOU have to set your goals in stone but the time frame in sand.

Believe in yourself first and others will believe in you.

I was inspired to write this blog from this y tube that i just watched he never gave up.

Hope you enjoy it as much as i did.



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Achieving More & More

You have to believe that you are achieving more and more each and everyday.

As long as you are moving forward you are achieving the thing is not to look back because you are not going that way.

Believe in yourself and others will believe in you.

Set your goals and keep focused on them, if you go off course the that’s ok don’t bet yourself up about it just get back up and keep on going.

If you want to achieve something, give yourself permission to believe it is possible.


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Take Responsibility and for your own actions.

I just read this quote on a friends facebook thought it was well worth the share on my blog page. Thanks toVanessa and Les Brown

Have you ever had a door of opportunity slam in your face? A job application…that you did not get; a loan…that was turned down; a friendship or relationship…that ended; a proposal…where the answer was no. When this happens in pursuit of your dream, don’t focus on the closed door. Crawl through a window or tear a hole in the roof! Step back and do an assessment. What happened? What d…id you discover about yourself? What do you need to do? Who must you become to move forward in your life?

Whatever you do…don’t give up simply because it becomes challenging. Don’t ask for life to make it easier for you to reach your goals. Make the decision to become a better person in order to accomplish your goals. Believe this – there will be other doors and more opportunities. Know that you will be stronger, wiser, more capable and better prepared to take advantage of them, because of what you have discovered about yourself, and how you have changed in the process. You deserve!! ~ Les Brown

Go with what inspires YOU in the moment

Take Responsibility and Action

Take Responsibility and for your own actions.




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